I’m 22. I created this blog to have an outlet for what I already do in my spare time–try to learn as much about the world in a useful way; not just knowing for the sake of knowing. If I were interested in that, I wouldn’t have dropped out of college.

All research and writings published on this site are my own, and I share freely with all. I only ask that you do not plagiarize me. I love comments, emails and debate so feel free to contact me and tell me your thoughts. (thehumanfiction@gmail.com) I’d love to talk about Stoicism, Shakespeare, history, depression, religion, hyperreality, the horrors of the educational system, or whatever else floats your trireme.

As for the blog’s title “The Human Fiction,” the idea behind it is that to be human is to be deluded. We lie to ourselves, take fictions as reality, and lie to others (directly or indirectly). It’s both fascinating and depressing.

Works in Progress:
1) Parallels between the Roman Republic and American Republic
2) Lessons from War: Hannibal

All that is gold does not glitter;
Not all those who wander are lost

The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep root is not reached by the frost.


5 Comments on “About”

  1. charles bear says:

    I’m not sure why I’m writing this — experience and reason are not opposed but necessary to each other–the most dangerous part of being human is that “we seem to believe what we believe because we believe it” and for most of us that is then the beginning and end of thought. As long as it “seems” to work we keep true to the course we were taught at the breast of our mother and in supplication to our father. We just replace the institution for good old mom and dad. No reason to becoming other than what they desire us to be for we get both wealth and status and the beautiful home with a little brown man to do the lawn and a little brown woman to cook and clean. We just keep fit for the parties to which we are now addicted to as our stage to show off on and claim our just admiration .

    Does Socrates or Nietzsche speak to moderns ? Can we hear them if we’re not prepared to listen–how do we know that the voices still call to us unless we turn down the TV or better yet turn it off.

    Your effort is welcomed here–

    Your energy is good–

    I’ve found that some of the truly enlightening thinkers of the 20th century are those that created modern physics–Heisenberg and Erwin Schrodinger–very fine thinkers and of course many others. There education is deep and broad.

    Also Gregory Vlastos: Book on Socrates?

    good night
    Keep well and right and write much


    The movie “Pump-up the volume”, maybe you might review it?

    • That is exactly right, great description. Nobody ever pauses to contemplate why they are living out their life the way that they are. Almost always it’s because of the pressure to conform. Nobody wants to step out of the warm glow of acceptance. Not that I am really so different. I have a day job, though I like to think that I’m sort of “playing along with the game.” I do what is necessary and don’t delude myself about it.

      Thanks again for your encouragement. It means the world to me to know that somebody is understanding what I’m trying to say, and even building on it as you are doing.

      I will definitely be checking out some of your recommendations as well!

  2. Brian says:

    It may just be my male mind but speculation without defining a solution to act on drives me crazy.

    I don’t feel that to be human is to be deluded. I believe we’re limited to our five senses, can’t ever experience actual reality in total in the same way we can’t hear dog whistles, and that human learning is way too linear in nature to ever be totally unbiased. Yet, I also believe the world can be a truly intrinsically good place and that we can be happy. Human beings can find truly amazing joy and peace in life. I also feel that the world has its own naturally occurring order, and that the government isn’t necessarily the architect of this order but a conduit which moves in response to what’s already been put in place. I truly believe all human beings can influence better way of life.

    You’re so smart that it hurts me that you’d let circumstances define your life. Saying that you are employed due to necessity when you understand life this well is such a waste that it physically hurts. Please read Tim Ferriss’s ‘WorkWeek’, Gary Vaynerchuck’s ‘Crush It’, or Michael Ellsberg’s ‘Education of Millionaires’. Dear God, Read at least one of those three. They’re books about getting what we want out of life. I don’t know you but I still hope you do.

  3. JuanCarlos says:

    I’ve been studying Nietzsche lately I find interesting how aesthetics of art has changed since the Hellenistic Greeks. I’m also looking for new answers even if there might not be any.

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